Who We Are

The team behind dentaldiscountplans.net aims to bring to you a more affordable dental healthcare. As most of us know, insurance plans are getting more and more expensive by the year to the point that it’s becoming too ridiculous for what it was. With a Dental Discount Plan, you will be able to enjoy affordable yet high quality dental health care.

Bright smile!

Our main mission is to help people obtain affordable dental care. We don’t need to pay a lot just to have a clean, white and beautiful smile. We have a right to get dental care for an affordable price.

Since its inception in the year 2000, Dental Discount Plans have already helped a lot of people obtain and maintain a beautiful smile for less. We started as a local dental discount plan company, partnered with no more than two dozen dentists and dental clinics. SInce then, we steadily grew and our network continuously expanded until we have coverage across the country.

Our Core Values

Here at Dental Discount Plans, we believe that the success of our clients is our success. And we’re not just in it for the business, fame or money, we genuinely want to make the world a better place!

We want to:

  • Always to the right thing no matter what the circumstances are.
  • Bring people the smile that can change the world.
  • Form an honest relationship to our dental partners and clients
  • Take risks and be innovative in order to bring better services to our clients and partners
  • Build a productive, fun and engaging workplace for our employees

Our Mission

To bring affordable dental care to everyone. We want to make the world a better place and, believe it or not, it starts with simple things like an affordable oral healthcare. If you have a good oral health, you overall health will be better, you will feel better and you will be more enthusiastic and positive towards others. We take steps one at a time and we’ll eventually reach our destination!

Our Vision

To see the future full of bright and healthy smiles!