Why Dental Discount Plans?

We all know that regular brushing isn’t enough to keep our teeth always on its optimal state. It is recommended that we visit our dentists at least twice a year to ensure that our teeth are always in its best state in order to prevent serious problems that might even require tooth extraction or expensive operation.

The problem is that your dental bills are really big even if you have a regular appointment or cleanings. And if you are struggling to get by, the thought of coming to a dentist for a dental checkup or visit might put you off – heck you might not even think about it especially if you aren’t feeling anything unusual about your teeth. Even so, you still need to go to a dentist to fix a bath tooth or to maintain your oral health.

Thankfully, there’s a cheaper and more accessible alternative to dental insurance to help you save money, in fact, this option can even let you save a lot more! The alternative is a dental discount plan (also known as a dental savings plan).

Most people often confuse dental discount plans and dental insurance plans. They often think that they’re the same thing, but the truth is that they are very different from one another.

What is a Dental Discount Plan?

It’s an affordable and flexible alternative to a dental insurance plan. When you enroll in one, you will be able to get a discount from dental services anywhere from 10%-60%. Enrolling in one requires you to pay a yearly fee, which is often around $150 for a family.

Perhaps one of the best things about a dental discount plan is that there is no deductible. That means no matter how much your dental expenses are, your discounts will automatically kick in!

Another one of the advantages of a dental discount plan is that once you enroll, you can avail of the discount within a few days of enrollment. That means, unlike insurance, you don’t have to get a dental discount plan unless you need a dental work done.

Dental Discount Plans vs Dental Insurance Plans

In order for you to understand the difference between dental discount plans and dental insurance plans.


First, a dental discount plan is cheaper compared to insurance. Individual dental insurance is around $350 a year while for a family, it’s around $550 a year. On the other hand, it only costs around $150 for a family, that’s a lot cheaper than individual dental insurance plans!

As for the billing, insurance is typically billed monthly while discount plans are billed annually.


One of the best things about a dental discount plan is that it doesn’t require deductibles. On an insurance plan, the cost is only covered once they meet their plan deductible and depending on the insurance policy, annual deductibles vary from $25 to $50 per individual. That means you can use your discount plan on almost any kind of dental work.


Typical dental insurance caps the amount of reimbursement they pay to a maximum of around $1500 a year. The insurer is the one who will be responsible to pay any amount incurred beyond the annual reimbursement cap. This is a typical problem for those who need to have a significant dental work needed. A dental discount plan, on the other hand, has no caps.


Oftentimes, you’d have to wait for a long time before you can enjoy your insurance benefits. In addition to that, dental insurance plans refuse to cover certain procedures. An example is that if you have a pre-existing condition, that won’t be covered by the insurance. Add to it the required waiting period of at least six months for you to be able to reap the benefits of your insurance plan.

Discount plans are very different when it comes to these things and perhaps this is the biggest and most significant advantage of a discount plan over an insurance plan. Here, once you enroll, your discount plan is activated within three business days and it covers any dental procedures. In fact, you may even enjoy bigger discounts depending on your procedure.


It’s clear that dental discount plans are better than insurance plans, however, it’s always important to carefully consider the needs of you and your family before purchasing a plan. If you need help, you can always drop us a message!